Skala Sykamias

Skala Sykamias

Situated on the northern coast of Lesvos, the village of Skala Sykamias beckons travelers with its timeless charm, captivating history, and breathtaking landscapes. This idyllic destination, known for its connection to the renowned Greek writer Stratis Myrivilis, offers a unique blend of tranquility, rich cultural heritage, and the allure of the Aegean Sea.

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A Literary Haven: Stratis Myrivilis and Skala Sykamias

Stratis Myrivilis, born and raised in Skala Sykamias, found inspiration in the village’s natural beauty and the serene embrace of the Aegean. In his words, “The natural beauty of the place around here is to see it and be amazed by the rich heart of God.” Myrivilis’ literary masterpiece, “The Virgin Mary the Mermaid,” was crafted under the shade of the centuries-old mulberry tree, and the essence of Skala Sykamias permeates the pages of his work.

Sykamia Village: A Stroll Through Time

The village of Sykamia, perched on the highest peak of Mount Lepetymnos, boasts traditional stone-built houses, cobblestone streets, and lush vegetation. The Folklore Museum of Sykamia, located near the Myrivilis house, provides a glimpse into the local history and showcases personal belongings of the esteemed writer.

As you descend towards the sea, the terraces made of dry stones, known as “seats,” reveal the Skamniotes’ ingenuity. These stone structures served as resting spots on the way up the mountain. The village, with its captivating views of the Aegean, exudes a timeless charm.

Skala Sykamias: A Coastal Oasis

Three kilometers north of Sykamia Village, Skala Sykamias unfolds as a small fishing village, where life revolves around the sea. The harbor, adorned with fishing boats, trawlers, and the iconic Panagia i Gorgona chapel on a rock, invites visitors into a realm of tranquility.

Panagia i Gorgona, named after a fresco featuring the Virgin Mary with a mermaid’s tail, stands as the village’s trademark. Weddings and christenings in this chapel acquire a unique grace, with the backdrop of the sea and the entire village. The sunset from the ridges overlooking the Aegean is a captivating spectacle.

Sykamias: Where Tradition Meets Hospitality

In the village square, beneath the shade of the mulberry tree of Myrivilis, taverns offer delectable snacks, and cafes serve refreshing drinks. A massive plane tree scatters its leaves in the square, where a spring with cool water attracts children at play.

The authenticity of Sykamias lies not only in its natural beauty but in the warm hospitality of its people. Traditional stone-built houses, surviving fountains, and relics from the past tell the story of a village that evolved from an Ottoman community into a flourishing Christian settlement.

A Journey to a Past Century: Exploring Sykamia on Foot

Sykamia, one of the best-preserved traditional settlements on Lesvos, welcomes visitors to wander through narrow cobbled streets, past stone-built houses adorned with colorful shutters. The ancestral home of Stratis Myrivilis, unfortunately closed during our visit, stands as a testament to the village’s literary legacy.

Skala Sykamias: A Haven for Art and Gastronomy

The seaside village of Skala Sykamias is not just a tranquil harbor but a hub of art and culture. The Folklore Museum, created with passion by the women of the village, showcases traditional costumes, art objects, and even a classroom from a bygone era. The workshop for contractors offers local handicrafts, keeping traditions alive.

The tavernas on the beach boast fresh fish, seafood, and the finest ouzo. The aroma of fragrant sweets and ice cream from the nearby coffee-patisseries beckons after a satisfying meal.

Skala Sykamias: An Authentic Getaway

Skala Sykamias is not just a destination; it’s an experience. Away from the hustle of city life, this fishing village invites you to savor every moment—whether it’s the crystal-clear waters, the warmth of the locals, or the awe-inspiring night sky.

As the sun sets over the Aegean, and the lights of Skala Sykamias twinkle against the backdrop of the sea, one can’t help but feel a profound connection to the timeless beauty of this authentic Greek gem.