An inland village on the eastern slopes of Mount Olympus, Agiasos stands as an artistic and religious haven, beckoning travelers to immerse themselves in its rich history and vibrant culture. This quaint town, located 26 kilometers from Mytilene, is a captivating blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and natural beauty.

A traditional gem in the heart of Lesvos

Travel to Agiasos

Legend has it that in 803 BC, the monk Agathon brought an icon of the Virgin Mary, inscribed with “Μήτηρ Θεού Αγία Σιών” (“Mother of God Saint Sion”), from Jerusalem. The town adopted the name Agiasos, a testament to its deep connection with the sacred. This event marked the beginning of Agiasos’ journey towards becoming a renowned center of spirituality.

Agiasos experienced a turning point in 1701 when the Turkish governor, attributing his recovery to the Virgin Mary, exempted the town from taxes. This decree led to an influx of residents from neighboring villages and Lesvos, transforming Agiasos into a thriving hub of craftsmanship. By 1729, the village boasted five hundred households, ensuring its prosperity even after the tax exemption was lifted in 1783.

A Living Tapestry
Today, Agiasos welcomes visitors with lush greenery, traditional architecture, and warm hospitality. The village’s narrow stone streets and picturesque lanes exude an old-world charm. The Byzantine church of Panagia Agiasos, dating back to 1170, remains a spiritual focal point and has earned Agiasos the moniker “Jerusalem of Lesvos.”

A Culinary and Cultural Hub
Above the Church of Holy Mary, the Market Square unfolds—a vibrant space adorned with pergolas and a centuries-old plane tree. Local shops offer a cornucopia of products, from meat and cheese to the irresistible “loukoumades.” Traditional cafes like Kafentaria and Loukoumades by Diamanto beckon visitors to savor the local flavors.

Cultural Exploration
Agiasos takes pride in its cultural heritage, evident in its museums. The Ecclesiastical Museum, Byzantine Museum, Folklore Museum, and the Museum of Traditional Professions showcase the village’s artistic and historical treasures. The Folklore Collection of Stratis Gini adds a personal touch to the cultural tapestry.

Hiking and Beyond
Agiasos is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. The slopes of Mount Olympus offer marked hiking and mountain biking trails, winding through a landscape adorned with platanos, apple, chestnut, pear, and cherry trees. The Chestnut Tree Forest, a highlight in October, presents a mesmerizing trail alongside gushing waters and chapels.

With a population of around 3000, Agiasos continues to thrive as a cultural haven. The Anagnostirio, founded in 1894, preserves traditions through theater, music, and literature. The village’s commitment to cultural preservation is evident in its festivals, including the popular “Chestnut Festival” held between late October and early November.

Agiassos: Where Time Stands StillAs you traverse the cobbled streets, explore historic sites, and indulge in local delights, Agiasos unfolds as a living tapestry of Lesvos’ heritage. Whether attending the August 15th feast or wandering through the Chestnut Forest, every moment in Agiasos is a step back in time—a journey of inspiration and cultural immersion.