Welcome to Molyvos, the crown jewel of Lesvos, where the echoes of history resonate through cobbled streets and the gentle waves of the Aegean Sea kiss the shores of this enchanting village. Despite being the tourist capital of the island, Molyvos retains an authenticity that beckons travelers seeking both cultural richness and leisure.

A picturesque beauty

Travel to Molyvos

Formerly known as Mithymna during the middle ages, Molyvos captivates from the very first glimpse. As you navigate the coastal road from Petra, the dramatic view unfolds, revealing a town nestled on a small mountain crowned by the formidable Castle of Mithymna. Originally constructed during the Byzantine era, the castle witnessed renovations by the Genovese Gattelusis, adding to its historical tapestry. Mythology intertwines with reality here, as the original castle was conquered by none other than Achilles during the Trojan War, with the ancient ruins of Troy visible across the narrow straits between Molyvos and Turkey.

Stone Houses and Seaside Charm:
Wander through Molyvos, and you’ll discover a village adorned with stone houses and shops that encircle the castle and gracefully follow the coast. The ambiance is lively, yet sophisticated, with a unique blend of tourist activity, cultural enthusiasts, and locals. Unlike more bustling tourist destinations, Molyvos attracts a refined crowd—travelers with a penchant for delving into Greek mythology, history, and the cultural intricacies of the island.

Culinary Delights and Seaside Retreats:
Molyvos extends an invitation to savor the best of Greek cuisine in seaside tavernas and restaurants. The harbor, a picturesque working fishing harbor, provides a front-row seat to the drama of Molyvos’ sea commerce. Watch as fishing boats unload their daily catch—sardines, mackerel, lakerda—while enjoying a meal at one of the traditional psarotavernas. Limanaki, Kismet, Octopus, and The Captain’s Table, owned by Melinda and Theo, stand out for their delectable seafood and authentic atmosphere.

For those seeking a relaxing day by the sea, Molyvos offers a stone beach and a small park near the Olive Press Hotel, a converted olive oil factory. The Delfini Hotel boasts a beautiful sandy beach, providing an idyllic setting to soak up the sun with a view of the town and castle.

Exploring Molyvos:
The heart of Molyvos lies in its main street, a cobbled pathway covered by the fragrant wisteria. The street exudes charm and provides shade even on the hottest days, making it perfect for leisurely strolls. As you ascend towards the castle, pass by museums, galleries, and eventually reach the castle itself, where summer concerts featuring renowned Greek musicians and international groups unfold against the backdrop of ancient stones.

Molyvos by Night:
As the sun sets, Molyvos transforms into a place of vibrant nightlife. Numerous bars, discos, and clubs cater to those seeking entertainment after a day of exploration. Whether you prefer lively clubs or cozy bars like Molly’s, owned by Martin and Paul, Molyvos has something for everyone.

Shopping and Cultural Delights:
Indulge in shopping along the main roads, where classy stores showcase ceramics, jewelry, and traditional products like olive oil, honey, and herbs. Bibliopoulio Estrabazario, a small bookstore in the wisteria-shaded agora, is a haven for literature enthusiasts. The Aigaio art gallery, owned by Costas and Ute Zissiadis, displays a captivating collection of local, Greek, and Turkish art.

Beaches and Beyond:
Molyvos unfolds its treasures with beautiful beaches like Psiriara, Eftalou, and the main sandy beach. The village stands as a gateway to relaxation, offering a perfect blend of sun-soaked shores and cultural exploration. Venture beyond Molyvos to explore the surrounding wonders. The Byzantine Castle atop the rocky hill offers panoramic views, while the thermal springs of Eftalou, just 3.5 km away, beckon with therapeutic properties. Eftalou is not only known for its hot springs but also boasts stunning organized beaches with crystal-clear waters.

Despite its status as the tourist capital, Molyvos remains a hidden gem, preserving its authenticity and tradition. It invites travelers to unwind, explore, and discover the timeless allure that sets it apart from other destinations.