Located 38 kilometers north of Mytilene, Mantamados stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of history, culture, and craftsmanship that defines the island of Lesvos. This charming village, with its roots entwined in ancient traditions and sacred landmarks, invites visitors to delve into its unique offerings.

A religious center in Lesvos

Travel to Mantamados

The Monastery of Archangel Michael: A Guardian in Stone

Mantamados is renowned for the Monastery of Archangel, a spiritual haven perched on the slopes of the island. The large and significant tradition of pottery and dairy products intertwines seamlessly with the history and culture of this mountain village. Legend has it that the monastery’s rigid relief of Archangel Michael was shaped by the soil and blood of slaughtered monks, a poignant narrative surviving through the ages.

The Village’s Historical Tapestry: Coastal Migrations and Resilience

Like many villages along Lesvos, Mantamados evolved through the fusion of coastal settlements. The repeated raids by pirates during the Middle Ages prompted inhabitants to abandon their coastal homes, seeking refuge around the sacred shrine of Archangel Michael. The village, now the largest in northeastern Lesvos, encompasses neighboring gems like Kleio and Pelopi, collectively forming the Municipality of Mantamados.

A Stroll Through Mantamados: Churches and Tradition

The village square hosts the beautiful St. Basil’s church, adorned with a wooden temple dating back to 1750. Explore the Church of St. Stephen, a small cruciform basilica nestled in a lush grove, reflecting the post-Byzantine era. Mantamados invites you to savor its dairy products, with yogurt taking center stage, crafted in the authentic way that mirrors the village’s rich traditions.

Beyond Mantamados: Coastal Delights and Pottery Havens

Venture beyond Mantamados, and you’ll discover picturesque villages like Kleio, Kapi, and Pelopi. Coastal areas like Pedi, Aspropotamos, Agios Stefanos, Palios, Yeni Limani, and Tsonia beckon with tavernas offering a taste of local flavors amidst serene landscapes.

Highlights of Mantamados: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

Mantamados, positioned in a valley 37 km north of Mytilene, is a perfect blend of ancient charm and contemporary vibrancy. Its pottery and folk art museum, the Cheese and Yoghurt making factory, and local agricultural cooperatives showcase the multifaceted allure of this village.

Exploring Mantamados: Must-Visit Attractions

  1. The Monastery of the Archangel Taxiarchis: Immerse yourself in the history of the iconic Archangel Michael and witness the artistry of the relief sculpted from the monastery’s sacred soil.
  2. Culinary Delights: Indulge in the village’s dairy products, particularly yogurt, crafted in the authentic manner that reflects generations of expertise.
  3. Cultural Treasures: Explore the Folk Museum of Mantamados and the traditional ceramics shops, where local potters mold their creations, preserving the legacy of the island’s pottery tradition.
  4. Natural Wonders: Discover the beauty of local beaches, take a boat to the Tokmakia islets, and explore the Man’ Katsa waterfall during the rainy season for a dose of nature’s splendor.
  5. Annual Pottery Exhibition: Don’t miss the “Palesbian Ceramics Exhibition” held in the olive mill-museum, a celebration of the island’s pottery tradition with contributions from local and international artists.