Located in the southern embrace of the captivating island of Lesvos, Plomari unfolds as a picturesque town, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in the authentic Greek seaside life. Known as the hometown of ouzo, this enchanting destination offers a perfect blend of sun-kissed beaches, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. Let’s embark on a journey to unravel the charm of Plomari, exploring delightful hotels, delectable restaurants, and captivating attractions that define this hidden gem.

A beautiful place to stay

Travel to Plomari

Plomari’s allure lies in its azure seas, sun-drenched beaches, charming houses, and the refreshing breeze that caresses you as you wander through the port. It’s an invitation to savor distinct flavors of ouzo and indulge in delectable local cuisine, infused with the richness of olive oil and the tantalizing taste of fresh fish. Yet, above all, it’s the genuine hospitality and warmth of the people that sets Plomari apart—the vibrant culture and enchanting ambiance that captivate your heart. That’s the true essence of Plomari.

Attractions and Museums: Plomari boasts a rich tapestry of attractions, from churches and museums to picturesque neighborhoods and landscapes:

  • Ouzo Museums: Explore the history and culture of Plomari’s iconic product, ouzo, at the Barbayiannis Ouzo Museum near Ayios Isidoros and the World of Ouzo by Arvanitis brand near Playia. Witness the distillation process, ingredients, and the dedication behind the creation of the world-renowned Plomari ouzo.
  • Folklore Museum: Visit the Folklore Museum in the town center, temporarily closed since the earthquake of 2017, to witness traditional dresses and everyday tools showcasing the life of locals over the past two centuries.
  • Soap Industry Museum: Immerse yourself in the history and tools of soap creation at the Soap Industry Museum, housed in the restored building of one of Plomari’s many soap factories.

Plomari’s Historical Journey: Originally named Potamos, Plomari emerged in the 19th century when the fear of pirates receded, and residents decided to move from the mountainous Plomari to the seaside. The wet valley, the sea, offered abundant opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Until the early 20th century, Plomari experienced significant industrial and commercial growth. The village’s shipyards constructed ships for navals across the Aegean, and its soap industries supplied high-quality products to the Mediterranean. However, the destruction of Smyrna in 1922 disrupted commercial routes, leading to a recession in trade and production. Despite these challenges, Plomari witnessed progress in agriculture, ouzo production, and tourism over the years.

Beaches to Explore: Plomari offers a selection of magnificent beaches, inviting you to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea. From the sandy expanse of Ayios Isidoros, the longest beach in the east, to the pebble beauty of Ammoudeli in the west, each beach has its unique charm. Tarsanas, Melinda, and Ayia Varvara offer additional options for those seeking diverse swimming experiences near Plomari.

Where to Stay: Indulge in the best Plomari hotels, strategically positioned along the serene seaside near Ayios Isidoros and Ammoudeli Beach. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the tranquil mountainside retreats, offering an enticing alternative for off-season trips and peaceful getaways. Whether you prefer seaside luxury or mountain serenity, Plomari caters to a range of preferences, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay.

When planning your journey to Plomari, allow ample time to explore the captivating surroundings. A minimum stay of four days is recommended to fully immerse yourself in the local charm, while a week-long stay promises a deeper connection with this authentic destination. Plomari offers an array of vacation rentals, from budget-friendly options to exclusive experiences, catering to the diverse needs of travelers.

Culinary Delights: Plomari boasts numerous restaurants where you can savor traditional local recipes and the freshest seafood, accompanied by the famous local ouzo. Don’t miss the chance to taste “loul’délia” (fried zucchini blossoms), “pastés sardéles” (salted sardines), “sfougáto” (eggs and zucchini in the pan), and “fasólia mavromítika” (lobia beans). These dishes, crafted with local ingredients, highlight the history and culture of this vibrant village, showcasing its ability to turn humble products into culinary delights.

Local Products to Taste and Take Home: Plomari offers a myriad of local products that capture the essence of the region:

  • Ouzo of Plomari: Sample the world-famous ouzo, renowned for its unique quality crafted from high-quality anise, fresh water, and the best ingredients from Lesvos. Plomari’s ouzo is a testament to centuries-old distillation expertise.
  • Olive Oil: Try Plomari’s top-quality olive oil, created by locals from olives harvested every winter from the olive trees of the area. Seek out the organic olive oil options for an authentic taste of the region.
  • Ladotyri Cheese and Dairy Products: Explore the local dairy offerings, including ladotyri cheese and various dairy products, each showcasing the agricultural richness of Plomari.
  • Handcrafted Souvenirs: Discover handcrafted souvenirs that reflect the artistic spirit of Plomari, providing memorable tokens of your journey.

Exploring the Surroundings: Venture beyond Plomari to discover the charm of neighboring villages and landscapes:

  • Megalochori: Explore the old Plomari with picturesque squares and beautiful churches, offering a glimpse into the village’s history.
  • Paleochori and Melinda: Visit Paleochori and its haven, Melinda, for stunning landscapes and a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Akrasi, Ambeliko, Neochori, Playia, and Trigonas: Discover the authenticity of the Greek countryside by exploring these quaint villages and their unique features.